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Things I wish I knew before I became a Product Owner

Being a product owner can be difficult. The role is still fairly new compared to more traditional product and project managers, and every company seems to have their own twist on what it means.

There are many expectations on a PO – you need to have domain expertise, be pretty good with data and metrics, communicate well, know how to deal with different people, understand processes, know group dynamics and a lot more. Like agile coaching there’s no single course or book that can teach you everything you need to know. You generally learn by doing, failing, and then doing again.

We (Daisy Pilbrow and I) want to help product owners that are new to the role, people who are thinking about becoming a product owner, and people that have been working as a PO for a while but who are struggling with the role. For that reason we have created this survey. We want to capture how product owners see their role, what they find challenging, and what advice they’d give to others. Please take a minute to help us out by taking the survey.

We plan on gathering input from and sharing results with the product ownership world at large. In fact we’ve recently done something similar with another topic that’s near and dear to our hearts: “Things I wish I knew before I became an agile coach“. We found it so interesting and enlightening that we thought we’d do the same with product ownership.

Daisy and I would highly appreciate if you took a few minutes to answer this survey.

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