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    Escaping The Build Trap – Book Club Facilitation Guide

    If you’re following me on Twitter or Linkedin you may have noticed me mentioning how much I like the book “Escaping The Build Trap” by Melissa Perri and that I think it’s the best book out there on product management – everyone in product development should read it regardless of role. In her book, Melissa reduces a lot of the ambiguity around the Product Manager role and provides companies with a great starting point for becoming more outcome-focused. Where the industry usually says “It depends” on everything Melissa steps in and provides clear answers and tools. Kind of like “Actually no, it doesn’t always depend.” and it’s really refreshing. Additionally,…

  • Product Management

    Thinking In Bets – Book Club Facilitation Guide

    If you’ve read my blog you might know that I like book clubs and that I try to make them interactive or experiential as opposed to the typical conceptual “What did you learn and think of these chapters”-approach. During October and November 2019 I ran a book club on Thinking in Bets, written by Annie Duke. To help anyone else planning on reading the book as a book club I’ve written the exercises I ran in our book club and here they are, including some other information like suggestions for length of sessions, chapters to read, and times to meet. Read my facilitation guide We’ve divided the book into three…

  • Coaching Teams

    Experiential book clubs help people grow, and they’re fun too! :)

    In this blog post I go through the differences between conceptual and experiential book clubs. I also share some tips if you’d like to organise an experiential book club for yourself. A few years ago I coached a team that was making a huge effort to reduce their technical debt. I offered to organise a book club around the book Clean code but I was faced with some skepticism. Several team members had participated in book clubs in the past but those had not been valuable. I explained that this book club probably would be different from previous ones they’d attended because this one was going to be experiential. I…