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    Thinking In Bets – Book Club Facilitation Guide

    If you’ve read my blog you might know that I like book clubs and that I try to make them interactive or experiential as opposed to the typical conceptual “What did you learn and think of these chapters”-approach. During October and November 2019 I ran a book club on Thinking in Bets, written by Annie Duke. To help anyone else planning on reading the book as a book club I’ve written the exercises I ran in our book club and here they are, including some other information like suggestions for length of sessions, chapters to read, and times to meet. Read my facilitation guide We’ve divided the book into three…

  • Coaching Teams

    Surface Silent Disagreements

    If you’ve ever worked in a team that makes lots of decisions but that struggles with making progress on those decisions, here’s a technique you can use to understand if your team is aligned on decisions or if people are disagreeing in silence. To avoid confusion and potential conflict it’s good to get your teams consent before trying this technique out. Build surfacing silent disagreements into your decision making process[1] Whenever your team has made a decision ask someone to repeat the decision then make the following three statements, one at a time, and ask the team to answer yes or no depending on if they agree or disagree with each statement. Three statements to surface disagreement I agree with this decision. I feel that…