Here’s How I Can Help You


Some of the things I’ve helped clients with in the past include:

  • Identifying systemic patterns and working through the direct and indirect effects they have on an organization. (Read more–Download my free Avanza Case Study to learn more)
  • Coaching organizations (e.g. to increase innovation or effectiveness, raise engagement levels, and boost motivation.)
  • Coaching teams (e.g. to help teams get started on the right foot, increase the impact they’re making, resolve conflict or improve collaboration, etc.)
  • Coaching product (e.g. to establish a cohesive product development process stretching from senior management to the team level, increase innovation through enabling more product discovery, and set up product operations, etc.)
  • Facilitation of events both large and small (e.g. meetups, offsites, conferences, retrospectives, etc.)
  • Agile training and workshops such as my Mastering Team Dynamics training
  • Training and coaching managers and leadership teams
  • Public speaking
  • And more!

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