To help teams improve their collaboration I put together an exercise called Value cards–a versatile exercise suitable for individuals and teams eager to discover more about themselves and improve collaboration.  The exercise encourages reflective discussions on values and their influence on actions.
 Value Cards has been widely used in healthcare, recruitment, academia, therapy, team-building, family activities, and with neurodiverse individuals, highlighting its adaptability to diverse groups and contexts. Use the cards to reveal how personal values guide behavior and identify shared and unique values.

Value cards create a safe space where people can explore their values, what behaviors their values shape, how their values potentially clash with other people’s values, and how other peoples values affect their behavior.

Value Cards are available for puchase through the links below in two version, one with a standard tuck box, and one with a premium box with a lid.

I offer a free DIY-version that is sent to your email upon registering for my newsletter below.

I both hope my value cards will help you develop new and meaningful relationships, and help you discover new aspects of yourself.

Value Cards

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