Side Projects

I tend to keep quite busy, and to learn, and on this page I list personal side projects I work on.

2024 (so far)

  1. MVP 2 of the Health provider platform.
  2. Desingning and developing MVP 1 of a smart financial forecasting platform for small and medium businesses.
  3. Designing an application for municipales wanting to validate supplier contracts (service provided was done as invoiced)
  4. Researching how to capture/recycle waste heat, to heat the brine going into geothermal heating systems to see if it’s viable to build a product around it. Also calculating the efficiency increase, and making a cost analysis.


  1. Designed, scoped, and started developing MVP 1 of a B2B Health provider platform complete with bookings, payments, journaling, secure login, etc.
  2. Developed 4 ChatGPT agents. Bedtime stories, Python Tutor, Financial Forecasting (premium), Psychological Safety.
  3. Learned/Got introduced to Python programming (the basics).
  4. Automated my home with Home Assistant to reduce heating costs. Reading nordpool and generating a run-schedule for the coming day.
  5. Produced new Value Card decks and setup automated payment through Stripe.