Hi, I’m Viktor!

I do agile, product, and systems coaching, and am based in Stockholm, Sweden.

I’ve been coaching teams and organizations over a decade now, and have experience from software, hardware, and infrastructure contexts.

Past and current clients


“Any organization would benefit from having Viktor Cessan around! The success of our transformation to a product driven organization is in no small part down to his amazing work!
-Peter Allwin, VP of Engineering


“Viktor is one of the best coaches I’ve worked with. Your organization needs him to uncover its hidden potential.
-Magdalena Björkman, Engineering Manager


“Viktor doesn’t only help organisations and teams to shift. He really applies coaching as his main driving factor so he doesn’t make the change. The orgs. teams and people do with his guidance. Viktor has helped us open the eyes to new ways of thinking. So, don’t hesitate to get his help if you feel something is wrong and you want to change but you can’t do it yourself. Or sometimes you think you know but keep applying old transformation patterns that don’t fit your purpose. He is your guy.
-Alberto López, Director of Engineering


“Viktor helped us during our organizational transformation to product and customer journey teams and he was a crucial part to its success. He helped us to analyze the root cause to our challenges and he coached and worked close to our management team during the journey. He held trainings, coached individuals, teams and us as a management team. Viktor has the ability to challenge you and your organization in a constructive way and at the same time holding your hand and helping in every step of the way. He makes sure that you are not dependent on him in the long run and it is important for him that he helps in a way, so you are the one responsible for the changes.
-Johanna Belfrage, Head of Engineering


“Viktor is one of the best Organizational and Agile coaches that I’ve had the opportunity to work with. The ability to quickly grasp the business needs, frame up issues, and propose innovative guidance, made him a great asset in Viaplay. His style of coaching was truly inspirational – in many situations he brought such clarity with a simple powerful questions or observation that created self-awareness and forward momentum!”
-Angela Pejoska, Product Manager


“Viktor has been a key on the Viaplays transformation toward Product Teams. His approach is an organic change that enables the organisation to spot where they need to change. What impressed me most about Viktor is his ability to carefully listen, capture and understand the team and the group dynamics and then present the patterns to the team. Leaving the team to acknowledge how to improve. He has been an enabler I highly believe that Viktor would be of great help to any organisation that is looking for a meaningful change.”
-Ali Myftiu, Product Manager


“Viktor exemplifies a rare combination of technically skilled and empathically focused leadership qualities. In the year that I had the honor and pleasure to work with Viktor, he brought his personal style of humility, tremendous agile knowledge, insightful observations around human dynamics, and patient coaching/teaching to every interaction. Viktor excels at challenging preconceived notions and assumptions while creating a safe environment of continuous learning for the teams with which he works. He is able to work in multiple domains: providing leadership coaching, influencing agile organizational transformation, developing high-performing teams, all the while building communication and collaboration rooted in transparency, trust, and commitment. While his extensive domain knowledge means he has many frameworks in his toolbox, Viktor also shows the flexibility to stay agnostic to one preferred method in order to help the team find the right tool for the right situation.”
-Shawn Carney, VP of Engineering