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My most common assignments/undertakings are:

Figuring out what’s going on in organizations

If your organization is not working as well as you know it can be, but you’re not sure why, it can be really helpful to get to the bottom of what’s going on. Often, doing so involves immersed qualitative studies and I take inspiration from anthropology and systems thinking. Sometimes, however, it’s enough with a series of workshops with a cross functional group or senior management. I help out with both and do both short and long term studies. The goal is always the same though, to identify systemic patterns and visualize the effects they’re having. (Read about the work I did at Avanza–Download the Case Study here.)

Coaching organizations and teams

Coaching organizations and teams differs from coaching individuals in that we together first need to correct the environment so that coaching even can be effective. Knowing what to correct and how to correct it isn’t that easy though. I help you correct your environment and coach your organization and teams.

Whether the goal is to overcome dysfunctions, increase innovation and engagement, or to create a learning organization my services can be helpful.

Some of the more common situations that I’ve helped out in are: kicking off new teams, re-focusing teams, helping teams improve internal and external collaboration, and helping teams find a path forward when they’re facing really difficult challenges.

Coaching Product

I coach product and work with big questions such as establishing a cohesive product development process stretching from senior management to the team level, or how to increase innovation and enable more product discovery. I also help set up product operations, increase product autonomy, and implement strategy creation and deployment frameworks that fit your context. And if you’re scaling and have lost track of your customers, I can help you visualizing and organize around customer journey steps or your funnel.

Facilitating events

When there are events where everything has to click and work exactly as intended, or if you have a workshop with a really important goal that you absolutely must reach, you might be in the need for professional facilitation. I faciliate large and small events such as off-sites, conferences, organizational retrospectives, and self selection events.

Running context specific trainings

I offer a range of trainings such as my Mastering Team Dynamics training, Product Management training, Feedback training, and Agile Coach trainings. I do both context specific and general/open trainings.

Public speaking

If you’re running an offsite, kicking off an event, or taking on a new challenge where you’d like inspiration, you might be interested in my public speaking services. All my presentations are tailored to the clients needs and context and I often pair them with experiential workshops to really energize and deepen learning.

The most frequently request presentation topics are running qualitative studies of organizations, psychological safety, and how to build organizations and teams.

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