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    The EPIQ Feedback Model

    Feedback is a hot topic, but not everyone agrees about its usefulness. Some praise feedback as something fundamentally important, while others claim that, even with a well-intentioned feedback model, it’s directly harmful to relationships and self-esteem. I’ve spent many years learning about and observing feedback. I’ve seen how feedback can both unify us and divide us. I’ve also come to learn what distinguishes great feedback from mediocre or even harmful feedback. Over the years, I’ve distilled my observations and research into a feedback model, and in this post, I share that model. I call it “The EPIQ Feedback Model”. So join me and explore how Empathy, Position, Intention, and Quality…

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    The Four Intentions Feedback Model

    Two years ago I worked with a team that struggled with delivering feedback to each other. Team members would try to express something to either raise each others performance levels or to improve working relationships, but somehow something would always seem to go wrong and they ended up triggering each other. This damaged their productivity and morale to an extent that several people left the team. The remaining team members went through feedback training and coaching, and we looked at how the intentions behind feedback are the foundation for constructing constructive feedback. For example, feedback about performance and feedback about working relationships sound very different but the members of this…

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    Feedback workshop facilitation guide

    For the past two years I’ve been facilitating and evolving a hands-on feedback workshop for existing teams that I have run with support teams, dev teams, and lead teams with positive results. I’m now sharing it in the hopes that it helps bring people and teams closer together, and improves the collaboration, all across the world*. Feel free to use it as it is, or change it as you see fit. Also please share your experiences with it! 🙂 * With that said, I don’t think it’s wise to run this workshop if you do not have adequate/significant experience from feedback, self awareness increasing activities such as Johari Window, and facilitation.

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    What to think about when it comes to feedback

    While Spotify, contrary to popular belief is very hierarchical (6 layers from CEO to developer), it is also true that we value peer feedback and self management for each of these layers. I’ve written a post about why peer feedback is important, here’s a link to it if you want to read it. In one of the feedback workshops I facilitate, participants go through “what to think about when considering to offer someone feedback”. The following 7 points are repeatedly mentioned and I’ve been using them as my own personal pointers with success. I’m sharing them with a wider audience in the hopes that they bring more people value. 1 – Your feedback must be necessary. The feedback you are about…

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    The importance of peer feedback in self managing organisations

    Self managing organisations distribute leadership and decision making. The more successful it is (i.e. the more effectively people manage themselves and make decisions) the faster the organisation is. If you’re trying to grow or sustain a self managing organisation you need effective peer feedback loops. Organisations that lack peer feedback loops usually starts exhibiting some or several of the following bad smells: relationships are deteriorating (the fewer and weaker relationships you have, the harder it is to get help and thereby accomplish things) growth has stalled (of people, the org, and the product)  sub groups are forming (us and them mentality, conflict, misalignment) hierarchy is amplified (bottlenecks are introduced in the organisation) lead and cycle times are increasing (the teams…

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