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    10 Virtual Table Tips That Make Your Remote Meetings More Effective

    For the past six months of working from home, I’ve been experimenting with practices that make remote meetings more effective particularly when it comes to balancing speaking time between participants. Those of you who have facilitated, or even just participated, in in-person meetings and workshops know how difficult it can be to ensure that everyone even gets an opportunity to speak, let alone to achieve equal speaking time between the participants.

  • Product Management

    Escaping The Build Trap – Book Club Facilitation Guide

    If you’re following me on Twitter or Linkedin you may have noticed me mentioning how much I like the book “Escaping The Build Trap” by Melissa Perri and that I think it’s the best book out there on product management – everyone in product development should read it regardless of role. In her book, Melissa reduces a lot of the ambiguity around the Product Manager role and provides companies with a great starting point for becoming more outcome-focused. Where the industry usually says “It depends” on everything Melissa steps in and provides clear answers and tools. Kind of like “Actually no, it doesn’t always depend.” and it’s really refreshing. Additionally,…

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    Thinking In Bets – Book Club Facilitation Guide

    If you’ve read my blog you might know that I like book clubs and that I try to make them interactive or experiential as opposed to the typical conceptual “What did you learn and think of these chapters”-approach. During October and November 2019 I ran a book club on Thinking in Bets, written by Annie Duke. To help anyone else planning on reading the book as a book club I’ve written the exercises I ran in our book club and here they are, including some other information like suggestions for length of sessions, chapters to read, and times to meet. Read my facilitation guide We’ve divided the book into three…

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    Help Workshop Groups Collaborate Better, Faster, With The Workshop Collaboration Canvas

    It takes weeks if not months of interactions for a team to really come together and collaborate well. So when we put a group of people who don’t collaborate on a regular basis into a workshop and expect them to solve an important problem in a day or two, that group is unlikely to be operating at their collective best. But since we know this even before going into the workshop, we as facilitators can accelerate the group’s ability to collaborate openly and freely through different exercises. Working Agreements is a popular exercise that helps groups but it alone won’t get the group there because the participants are either not…