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What we learned from removing all chapter leads (managers) in the IT tribe at Spotify

Two years ago the Internal IT tribe @ Spotify was greatly understaffed but got approval to scale from 25 to 75 employees. As we started scaling we recognised that Spotifys organisational model added too many formal leadership roles for our taste and we wanted to find an organisational model that allowed us to scale without adding more formal leadership roles. During this time the existance of chapter leads was also being challenged in our tribe by our squad members.

To solve both these problems we conducted an experiment where we distributed leadership responsibilities and we removed all the managers (chapter leads). I did a lightening talk about our experiment at Agila Sverige 2017 (in Swedish) where I breifly went through the background, what we did, and what we learned.

P.s I do intend to hold an extended version of this lightening talk in English, but at this time I can’t confirm any specific date for when that will be.


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    • Viktor Cessan

      Hi Carter,

      No :( I never recorded this talk in English unfortunately. I do have slides in English but they are not self-sufficient.


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