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First Correct The Environment, Then Coach The Teams

Some organisations attempt to increase their teams performance by injecting agile coaches or scrum masters into their teams. At the same time the environment is not conducive to coaching which means that coaching will not have any significant effect until the environment has been adjusted.

To create an environment that enables autonomy and evokes high performance the following four conditions are necessary:

  1. Teams need a (one) compelling mission.
  2. Teams need the necessary skill set to deliver value (to customers or internal stakeholders) or at least a good enough match and time to learn more.
  3. Teams need to feedback from the customers and organisation.
  4. Teams need focus both in terms of limited WIP and in terms of few interruptions.

This is important because if you are a part of a management group or a CEO looking at ways increase your teams performance you will need to look at your environment in parallell to bringing in coaches to your teams.

Alternatively, if you’re a coach, it might be valuable for you and your client to adjust and align your expectations about working with the organisation and environment as well as working with the teams.

Earlier this year Esther Derby visited Stockholm and we met and had a conversation that we recorded about these conditions.

Compelling mission and skillset

Feedback from customers and focus

We also wrote these condensed notes where we share the references we made and the tools we talked about.

If you’d like to learn more about how to work with your organisation feel free to reach out to Esther Derby or me.

Thanks for reading! :)

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