Things I wish I knew before I became an Agile coach

Being an Agile coach certainly comes with its challenges. You need to learn many different skills to be effective as a coach and there’s no single course that can teach you everything you need to know. You generally learn by doing, failing, and then doing again. Many of the books about Agile coaching rely on past experience which can make the transition difficult for new coaches. Plus the role is still fairly new and every other company seems to have their own twist to what it means. It’s tough to become a good coach and even tougher to feel like you’re making a difference.

With this survey we (Daisy Pilbrow and Viktor Cessan, two agile coaches at Spotify) want to record your experiences from becoming and being an agile coach. Our plan is to hopefully share this with the world in some way. We want to help coaches that are new to the role, people who are thinking about becoming an agile coach, and people that have been working as a coach for a while but who are still struggling with the role.

Daisy and I would highly appreciate if you took a few minutes to answer this survey.

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